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How do I use Anniversary cards?

Trade, redeem and win with anniversary cards.

You can use anniversary cards in four different ways

  1. You can use the 1st Anniversary card and any two other cards to complete the Anniversary Present collection and receive the secret anniversary reward. This collection can only be completed once per user. Non-original cards cannot be used to supplement the 1st Anniversary card. The reward will be awarded within 10 days of completing the collection.

  2. 1st Anniversary cards can be used to complete the Senator Raffle collection, which gives participants a chance to win one of three Senator status titles. This collection can be completed up to five times to increase your chances of winning. Since non-original cards can be used for this collection, the cards can also be obtained through the marketplace or purchased as NFTs. In the event of a win, the win is transferable.

  3. Anniversary cards can be traded on the marketplace. Traded anniversary cards will be converted from original to non-original like all other cards once they have been swapped or traded. As 1st Anniversary cards can be used to access a raffle they can not be minted as NFT.