All Categories [EN] Uptrip Anniversary How do I get anniversary cards?

How do I get anniversary cards?

Scan the hidden Uptrip anniversary boarding passes.

  1. If you don't have an Uptrip account yet: download the Uptrip app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and create an account.

  2. Find the hidden anniversary boarding passes: Anniversary boarding passes can be found in small and large Uptrip advertising displays at most Lufthansa Group hub airports and other important airport locations.

  3. Scan the tickets: There is a QR code on each hidden Uptrip anniversary booking pass. You can use this QR code to scan the anniversary boarding pass in the same way as you scan your flight boarding passes in Uptrip. Once you have scanned a ticket, a flight claim is added to your account. After scanning a anniversary boarding pass you cannot scan any more anniversary boarding passes at this airport. Each anniversary boarding pass can only be scanned once per user, but can still be scanned by other users afterwards.

  4. Get the anniversary card: After you have scanned an anniversary boarding pass, you can select the 1st Anniversary card in the app via the flight claim you created.