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Create a crypto wallet

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This tutorial is going to help you install Metamask, one of the most reliable and used crypto wallets, trusted by millions of users worldwide. With Metamask you will be able to mint, or add, your Uptrip cards to the blockchain and then do even more with them: you can trade them with your friends, sell them on external marketplaces like Opensea or even buy new ones that you don’t have!

Supported crypto wallets

We support multiple crypto wallets with Uptrip and will add support for more along the way.


Currently these wallets are supported

Setup a crypto wallet

This tutorial is targeted to the mobile app of MetaMask. To begin, it's necessary to download the official MetaMask app on App Store or Google Play. You can find the links on their website.

Once installed, the Welcome to MetaMask message will show, and then the wallet configuration can begin.


You can choose to import your wallet or create a new one. Creating a wallet is for users who wish to set up a new MetaMask wallet. Import wallet is for users with an existing MetaMask wallet on another device and who wish to import it to a new one.

1.1 Create a new wallet

The first step to creating a new wallet is to create a password. This password will unlock your Metamask wallet only on this device and cannot be recovered if lost.


When you choose a password you can proceed to the next step. This is a very important one. You will receive a Secret Recovery Phrase with 12 words that are the master key to your wallet and your funds. We recommend you watch the video to fully understand this and proceed by clicking on the button "Start".


Next you will see your Secret Recovery Phrase. Write it down and save it in a place that you trust and only you can access. Neither Metamask or Uptrip will be able to recover in the future if you lose it.

IMG_0957.PNG IMG_0959.PNG

The final step is where you are asked to input your Secret Recovery Phrase to make sure that you got everything correct. And that's it, congratulations! You just create a crypto wallet 🥳

1.2 Import an existing wallet

If you want to import an existing wallet then you need to have your Secret Recovery Phrase with you. After you add the 12 words to all fields you will be asked to create a password to access to Metamask.

After you confirm your Password that's it! You successfully imported an existing wallet into Metamask.

Add Polygon to your crypto wallet

There are two ways to do it: automatically and manually - the following instructions are taken from Polygon itself

On Metamask, select the Network tab:


Click on Add Network:


Find Polygon Mainnet on the list of available networks:


Approve the network addition:


Now you may see the Polygon Mainnet on the Networks tab:


You can now see the Polygon network on your Metamask wallet by showing its cryptocurrency - MATIC!


Add funds to your wallet

The final step before connecting your crypto wallet to Uptrip is to make sure you have some funds to support the minting of Uptrip cards on the blockchain. This is what it means:

Every blockchain transaction involves paying gas fees. These fees compensate for the computational resources used to process and validate your transaction, reflecting the energy and effort required in the decentralized network. The fees vary based on network congestion and transaction complexity, maintaining network efficiency and security.

In the case of Uptrip, the fees to mint cards are low compared to other blockchain providers. That was why we chose Polygon as our Partner.

To proceed with the process, we recommend you install Metamask on your iPhone or Android device and make the purchase of MATIC through that. You can simply go to the corresponding App Store and download the app.

IMG_0935.PNG IMG_0927.PNG

To proceed, click on "Buy MATIC" and make sure you are on "Polygon Mainnet" network.

Using Metamask you might need to use a different provider like Moonpay to upload the funds. Next select your region and your method of payment.

IMG_0930.PNG. IMG_0931.PNG

On the next steps you will create an account with Moonpay so they will ask for your email address to send the verification code. Enter it and click Continue. Next, enter your verification code. Click Continue.

IMG_0932.PNG IMG_0933.PNG

Now you need to decide how much you want to add to your wallet. The minimum deposit is 10€ but from that you receive a slightly reduced amount due to the commissions you pay to the payments provider. To understand how much it would cost to mint the Uptrip cards, as a rule of thumb 10€ is enough to mint 500 cards.

Finally, after you confirm the payment you need to wait 5-10 minutes because that's the average processing time of Moonpay. After this time, head back to your MetaMask wallet and there you can see your MATIC balance. You are now ready to connect your wallet to your Uptrip account and mint your cards as NFTs!